Agri Pipes & Fittings

Our range of agricultural pipes and fittings and screening pipes are an ideal product for the protection of domestic, irrigation, industrial and mining boreholes, keeping out the gravel pack and foreign particles that provide clean and clear water from the drilling wells.

Benefits & Features:
Long Life | Non Corrosive | Continuous Flow | Non Conductor to Heat Electric | Cost Effective | Light Weight | Easy to Install, Repair and Replace | High Strength to Weight Ratio | Non Toxin | Hygienic water Supply

Pipes as Per IS: 4985
Fittings as Per IS: 7834

Field of Applications:
Rural & Urban Water Distribution system | Tubewell Connections | Agricultural & Irrigation Schemes | In Industries, Chemical Plasts Drain as Chemical Waste | Lines and Overflow Lines | Protective Covering for Power & Communications Cables

Product Range:
Pipes: 20mm to 315mm
Fittings: 20mm to 250mm